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Since its founding in 1969 as an automatic transmission specialized manufacturer, Aisin AW has placed emphasis on quality and innovation and endeavored to develop products that lead the automotive industry under our corporate principle of "Quality Supremacy". We are also undertaking development of future drive systems such as hybrids and EVs for which there are high expectations. In 2004, we were the first component manufacturer to realize hybrid system mass production. We have grown to establish ourselves as the world's largest AT manufacturer by market share, and we were able to achieve the cumulative AT production mark of 100 million units in 2012. ATs are now in increasing demand in emerging nations and we are expanding development and production bases in Asia, following North America and Europe.

Aisin AW is also a pioneer in the field of VIT (Vehicle Information Technology) business, succeeding in developing the world's first voice navigation system in 1992. Our car navigation systems now boast a top level production volume in the industry, becoming the second pillar of our business.

We attribute our success to the patronage of our customers and users, to whom we extend our sincerest gratitude. 

Automobiles are evolving day by day with changes of the society and the times. As a global supplier, Aisin AW will continue developing technologies that work in harmony with nature and the environment and are conducive to vehicle "informatization." In this way, we will continue to expeditiously offer products that lead the times and that bring benefits to society.

We at Aisin AW will go on doing our best to meet the expectations placed upon us, and we ask for your continued support and encouragement to do this.

President Mutsumi Kawamoto

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