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Since our founding in 1969 as a manufacturer specializing in automatic transmissions (ATs), Aisin AW has strived to develop products that always lead the automotive industry. We have provided the world's first products by focusing on quality control and innovation, in our aim to develop products that always inspire our customers, under our corporate principle of "Quality Supremacy." In 2004, we became the first component manufacturer to mass produce a hybrid system, realizing its potential as a core product in the future. Today we deliver ATs to more than 50 companies in 15 countries. We have grown to establish ourselves as the world's No.1 AT manufacturer by market share, achieving a cumulative AT production milestone of 100 million units in 2012.

Aisin AW also continues to serve as a pioneer in the field of VIT (Vehicle Information Technology), the second pillar of our business, successfully developing the world's first voice navigation system in 1992. Our car navigation systems, together with automatic transmission systems, boast a top level production volume in the industry.

Today, the environment surrounding the automotive industry is rapidly changing. To quickly respond to the changes, and steadily grow, as a member of the Aisin Group, we must further focus all our energies on pursuing advanced technologies, and enhance our group’s competitiveness. We are now promoting development of products in the electronics field with an eye toward the next-generation of mobile society. As a global supplier, Aisin AW will continue proactively providing state-of-the-art products that benefits the society.

We want to "Develop vehicles that drive freely like a stallion," "Develop vehicles that excite drivers’ hearts."
We will continue creating products that inspire customers in our efforts to help harmonize people, vehicles, and society.

President Kazuhisa Ozaki

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