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Relationships with customers

We aim to create value that exceeds customers' expectations by pursuing pioneering technologies as well as "monozukuri" (manufacturing) with a commitment to quality.

Basic approach

Since our company was founded in 1969, we have made every effort, in line with our corporate principle "Quality Supremacy," to create products that will impress our customers. We are committed to enhancing our ongoing Total Quality Management (TQM) activities, and building systems that strictly maintain the highest possible quality from the R&D stage to product manufacturing.

A conceptual diagram of "Quality Supremacy"

Quality Policy

We aim to achieve our business objectives by a series of quality assurance activities from development to production, sales, and final disposal, and by supplying attractive quality products in time that consider the environment and safety and respond to market and customer demands.

Securing quality

Quality Management System

In January 2002, we obtained ISO/TS16949 (*1) certification (the automobile industry's international standard), and are now expanding that certification to the global-wide group.

(*1) This standard includes the special requirements for the automotive industry appended to ISO9001, the international standard for quality management systems.

Quality assurance at each stage from development to mass production

Milestone management is observed at each stage from planning, design, and production preparation to mass production. In addition to monitoring the output for each milestone, the particular processes are assessed as either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Only after the standards are met, the products can be advanced to the next stage.

In addition, Simultaneous Engineering (SE) activities contribute to integrated quality improvements from the product design stage to engineering, manufacturing engineering, plants, and suppliers.

Concerning mass production, we are creating products that live up to our customers' trust by implementing production based on Toyota's "Just-in-time" system and "Autonomation", and using various quality control methods to maintain and control the production processes.

Market Service System

By utilizing our three worldwide service locations and on the basis of the concept of "genba genbutsu" (go to the workplace and see), we make every effort to listen to the voices of our customers.
Then, sincerely considering our customer's opinions, we feed back the information to each quality step, thus trying to improve the quality.

A variety of efforts

In our efforts to raise quality awareness, we implement a range of initiatives.

Quality exhibitions

To enable Quality Supremacy to permeate throughout the company, we conduct quality exhibitions to share improved quality-related activities for all employees three times a year.

Quality dojos for each plant

The establishment of quality dojos is aimed at cultivating a commitment to quality as well as the habit of persistently asking "why" in order to uncover deep causes of problems, and to develop individuals who can execute high quality product manufacturing.

Company-wide QC circle events

In order to enhance each person's capabilities and help create a positive working atmosphere, employees continue to conduct workplace QC circle activities. As part of this program, a company-wide QC event is held to share examples of essential workplace improvements resulting from the circles and to provide a forum for mutual enlightenment.

Prize Career

Deming Application Prize, Japan Quality Control Prize, PM Prize, and others


Deming Application Prize


Japan Quality Control Prize


PM Prize


PM Special Prize

Quality prizes from our customers (over the past 3 years)


Mazda Motor Corporation Quality Improvement Effort Award
Isuzu Motors Limited Quality Achievement Award
Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. Excellent Supplier Award
Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd. Excellent Cooperation Award
Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. Special Contribution Award
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. Best Quality Award


Toyota Motor Corporation Excellent Award for Quality Control
Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc. Quality Control Award
Suzuki Motor Corporation Best Partner Award
Isuzu Motors Limited Outstanding Quality Award
Volkswagen AG Quality Award
SsangYong Motor Company Best Quality Award
Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. Excellent Supplier Award
FAW Car Co., Ltd. Top 10 Excellent Supplier Award
Dongfeng Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. General Special Award
Dongfeng Motor Corporation Excellent Supplier Award
Dongfeng Peugeot Citroën Automobile Co., Ltd. Excellent Supplier Award
Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd. Excellent Cooperation Award


Suzuki Motor Corporation Best Partner Award
PSA Peugeot Citroën Quality Award and Best Plant Award
General Motors Company Supplier Quality Excellence Award
Volvo Car Corporation Quality Award
SAIC Motor Corporation Limited The Best Quality Award
Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. Supplier Excellence Award
Dongfeng Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. General Special Award
Guangzhou Automobile Group Motor Co., Ltd. Excellent Quality Supplier Award
SsangYong Motor Company Best Supplier Award
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