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Product Development

We are focusing our limitless passion on addressing the challenge of developing next-generation technologies, by keeping the earth's future clearly in mind.

Aisin AW has always accepted challenges in high technology, pursued an ideal vehicle that is people and Earth friendly, and continually delivered Japan's first and the world's premier products.

An ideal car—an excellent automobile that is like a "stallion" possessing intellect and runs faithfully to a driver's desires. With the intention of creating vehicles like a "stallion," Aisin AW develops the best "automatic transmission system" as the muscle and the "car navigation system" as the brain of the vehicle by constantly visualizing these core parts from the perspective of what a vehicle's true form should be.

Recently, the automotive society has experienced various changes including changes related to automobile energy, such as hybrid vehicles (HVs), electronic vehicles (EVs), and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), environmental issues like global warming, and advanced information technology of the automotive society. Based on the principles of "economy," "environment," and "information," we pursue the development of a vehicle like a "stallion" as our ideal and rapidly create products that lead the next generation through a series of processes in planning, designing, and evaluation.

Development Process

  • Planning
  • Design/Analysis
  • Benchmark Evaluation
  • Drivability Evaluation

Keeping in mind what a car should be like, we aggressively accept challenges of unexplored technology and elaborate on an attractive product plan through close communication with our customers.

Technological Strategy Meeting

We pay attention to user needs and design an attractive product through discussion with our customers from planning.

Design Planning

Based on a variety of information and sensibility, we plan and propose innovative designs that consider maneuverability.

By using digital technology, we perform product designing through the highest degree of completeness.

Product Designing with 3D CAD

Using 3D CAD in the planning stage makes it effectively possible to confirm the mountability on vehicles and the design feasibility of components. Furthermore, using a 3D model for examining production processes shortens development lead time.

ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Flow Analysis

Dynamic change in automatic transmission fluid (ATF) inside the AT at the time of rapid acceleration/deceleration and cornering is simulated with flow analysis using CAE to analyze whether the vehicle is designed to endure various driving conditions.

Power supply analysis

AW investigates optimal circuit board design by simulating power supply wiring on navigation system circuit boards to verify voltage drop, current density, and temperature distribution.

With a thorough test evaluation using the latest evaluation equipment, effects on safety, durability, and environment are verified.

Virtual Engine Dynamometer

This is a motor that simulates various engines and evaluates the AT durability without using engines.

AT Efficiency Testing Device

In order to overcome the competition in low-fuel consumption, AT efficiency is evaluated using high-accuracy evaluation equipment.

Simulation Assessment

Car navigation functions are evaluated by simulating vehicle environments in test areas.

Substrate cross-section analysis

The substrate cross-section is confirmed by conducting accelerated life testing, and electronic substrate durability is evaluated.

Based on test runs under various environments in various locations around the world, as well as on evaluation tests using the latest equipment, the total quality of a vehicle is verified.

Market Evaluation

Comprehensive performance is evaluated by conducting vehicle test runs in various environments and topography.

Anechoic Chassis Dynamometer Test

In an anechoic room, quietness is evaluated by measuring and analyzing from installing ATs in cars.

Electromagnetic Irradiation Test

In an anechoic chamber, the dependability of a navigation system is evaluated by irradiating an electromagnetic wave that simulates radio waves generated in a market environment (radio noise, cellular phones, PHS, GPS).

Drivability Test Run (Navigation Systems)

Vehicles test runs are performed in countries around the world, and the accuracy of guide assistance to current locations and destinations is comprehensively evaluated.

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