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Production Technology Development

We practice innovative manufacturing, AW's Monozukuri.

Our company established the Monozukuri Center as a base for research and development of production technology. Our "three-in-one" system crosses the boundaries of development, manufacturing engineering, and production. In this system, manufacturing techniques, equipment, production systems, and quality are elaborated and the research and development of innovative technologies are performed.

Our Innovative Manufacturing System

Monozukuri Center

The Monozukuri Center pursues innovative manufacturing, which includes an "unpowered" device that does not require energy, minimization of facilities, fast-processing technologies, and concentration of operations.

Innovative Technologies Produced by AW-Style Monozukuri

By incorporating the idea of spring mechanism, innovative technologies are consistently produced in a "three-in-one" system consisting of development, manufacturing engineering, and production.
In 2011, we have received Japan Quality Recognition Award, Recognition of Quality System Innovation from the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers in recognition of this activity.

Dream Carry

Inspired by the spring mechanism utilized in a "tea-serving doll", Aisin AW avoided the need for a separate power source such as electricity and instead adopted the mechanism that uses the product's weight as the driving force to carry a product to the next process and then returns to its original position using the power stored in the spring.

2005 1st Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards, Special Prize

Mild Carburizing Process

As a heat treatment technology, the combination of low-pressure carburizing with induction hardening significantly reduces treatment times and line lengths in addition to successfully reducing CO2 emissions. This is an innovative heat treatment technology.

2012 Japan Society for Heat Treatment, Technological Development Award
2007 2nd Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Prize

Super-compact Riveter

Applying the principle of a manipulator allows one motor to perform all five movements, including caulking and mounting/dismounting. Doing so ultimately reduces costs and saves space.

2007 2nd Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards, Excellence Award

Kaiteki Gokusema Line

By focusing on equipment downsizing, fast processing, and the concentration of processes while departing from traditional production lines, the number of processes and line spaces are significantly reduced and small lines are achieved. This contributed to saving energy and costs.

2007 Technology & Development Award (Given by a Customer)

Cold forging technology for helical gears

By moving a metal mold through multiple staging, which limits material flow and sets up a section into which the materials flow, the metal mold is sufficiently filled and practical use of helical gear manufacturing with cold forging is accomplished.

2009 The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity (JSTP), JSTP Medal for innovative Technology

An unpowered AT assembly production line based on a falling well bucket design

Core processes of AT assembly lines are performed without power, which reduces the workload. This makes it possible for female workers to participate in assembling processes.

2009 3rd Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Prize

1 Stroke press

This revolutionary press forms precision AT pressed parts using one mold. With its development, we were successful in greatly downsizing the press over current machines, enabling us to reduce costs, space, and inventory

2015 6th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Minister's Prize
2013 The Japan Forming Machinery Association, MF Technical Grand Prize
2012 The Japan Society for Technology of Plasticity, JSTP Medal
2010 Technology & Development Award (Given by a Customer)

Simultaneous cooling and heating with heat pump system

Using exhaust heat from production lines for heat transfer, we can efficiently supply heating and cooling. Since this process makes it unnecessary to heat by steam and to cool with current equipment, it has a tremendous impact on reducing CO2 emissions

2012 Energy Conservation Grand Prize, Director General Prize of Agency of Natural Resources and Energy

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