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High Torque Capacity RWD 8-speed AT (TL-80SN)

  • Automatic Transmission
  • CVT
  • Hybrid Transmission
The highest echelon AT as created by AW. The world's first FR 8-speed automatic transmission delivers a superior ride.

"We want to build the ultimate AT suitable for luxury automobiles"
We began development with the goal of creating a product that would be the world's best in every category, including fuel consumption, acceleration performance, and quietness, and in 2006, we developed the world's first RWD 8-speed AT.

1. Combining unrivaled power performance and fuel efficiency

Compared to conventional ATs, the 8-speed AT employs a wider gear ratio and more detailed gear positions to realize improved power performance and fuel efficiency.
Combining this gear ratio with a high performance engine results in a superior ride and quietness only possible in a luxury vehicle

Gear ratio width
  • Improved acceleration performance
  • Improved fuel consumption

2. AW integrates aluminum case for first time

Size and weight reduction greatly contribute to improved fuel efficiency. For the 8-speed AT, we were able to maintain high rigidity while realizing a 2 kg reduction in weight by integrating the aluminum case.

Integrated aluminum case

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