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High Torque Capacity RWD 10-speed AT(AWR10L65)

  • Automatic Transmission
  • CVT
  • Hybrid Transmission
The RWD 10-speed automatic transmission suitable for luxury passenger cars and sports achieved "Rhythmic and smooth shift change" and "Direct" drive feeling by pursuing "Driving pleasure."

"Aiming to create the ultimate AT suitable for luxury cars," we have been engaged in product development in order to achieve the world’s highest performance in every aspect, such as fuel economy, acceleration performance and quietness. We successfully developed the world’s first RWD 8-speed AT in 2006, and the world’s first* RWD 10-speed AT for passenger vehicles in 2017.

* As of January 2017 according to a survey conducted by Aisin AW

1. Pursuing comfortable driving suitable for
premium rear-wheel-drive vehicles

Excellent responsiveness to the driver’s acceleration is achieved by weight saving for components, improved hydraulic response, and accuracy. The LOCK-UP range is significantly expanded by developing a high performance small torque converter, and transmission efficiency is increased which resulted in fuel economy improvememt


2. Rhythmic and smooth shift change is achieved with
cross gear steps

Cross gear steps and the world’s fastest shift change allow for rhythmic and smooth driving.

Gear ratio width
  • Improved shift time
  • Fuel Economy Improvement
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