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Major product information

  • Automatic Transmission
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Developed series of class-leading CVTs that contributed to improved fuel economy in compact cars.

In order to respond to the dramatically increasing demand for greater fuel efficiency in compact cars, Aisin AW developed a series of CVTs that incorporate various fuel-saving technologies and contribute to improved fuel economy. In addition, the CVT belt, a key component, is now being manufactured by the AW Group.

Medium Torque Capacity CVT (AWFCX18)

  • Lower fuel consumption, improved efficiency, and reduced costs, providing best CVT unit to the 1.5L through 1.8L classes
  • A new valve body, new oil pump, and new CVT fluid, contribute to improve overall fuel economy

Applicable Vehicles

Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, Porte, Spade, Auris (Toyota) etc

Mediul Torque Capacity CVT

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