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Major product information

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Aiming to create an environmentally friendly society.

In an era that seeks to establish harmony between nature and society, we endeavored early to develop environmentally friendly products, and in 2004, we were the first auto parts manufacturer to develop a hybrid system.
We conduct integrated operations from system development to production of motors, and are energetically tackling the building of eco-friendly cars.

RWD Multi Stage Hybrid Transmission(AWRHM50)

  • Adopting a multistage transmission mechanism to a hybrid transmission enables more efficient use of engine and motor energy
  • Acceleration performance and high fuel economy are achieved by significantly improved system output and transmission efficiency in the entire range

Applicable Vehicles

LC500h (Lexus)

RWD 2-motor Hybrid Transmission

FWD 2-Motor Hybrid Transmission (AWFHT15)

  • Motor and generator are now more compact but produce greater output as a result of increased voltage and revolutions
  • The introduction of reduction gears, which increase the range of torque the motor is able to draw on, produces greater drive power and enables seamless acceleration
  • Incredible fuel efficiency has been achieved through optimal engine  use and brake energy regeneration

Applicable Vehicles

Prius (Toyota), Axela (Mazda)

FWD 2-Motor Hybrid Transmission

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