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Automatic Transmission

Cutting-edge technology underpinning the safety comfort and environment enjoyed by our automobile society.

In 1969, motivated by the grand vision of contributing to the automobile society through automatic transmissions, Aisin AW was launched as a joint venture between Aisin Seiki and the American company Borg–Warner.

At a time when only a small percentage of automobiles in Japan were fitted with automatic transmissions and despite encountering many trials, such as the "dollar shock" and the two oil crises, Aisin AW pressed forward with strong intent and passion to develop new products, and thus, in 1972 launched production of a newly developed RWD 3-speed automatic transmission (AT). Then, in 1977, we developed the world's first 4-speed AT with RWD overdrive. Subsequently, with our eyes on arrival of the AT age, Aisin AW produced a series of world-first products.

View of meeting at design examination stage

The newly-developed RWD 3-speed AT was installed on the Corona Mark II

Product development applying cutting-edge technology

The AT has become an essential part of the modern automobile. Aisin AW has consistently developed and commercialized the AT models such as 4-speed, 5-speed, 6-speed ATs and CVTs, demended by our times.
In 2004, we became the first auto parts manufacturer to develop an eco-friendly hybrid system, and in 2006 we developed the world's first RWD 8-speed transmission. Then in 2012, we succeeded in developing FWD 8-speed.

RWD 2-Motor Hybrid Transmission

High Torque Capacity RWD 8-speed

4WD Hybrid Transmission

High Torque Capacity FWD 8-speed

RWD Multi Stage Hybrid Transmission

AW's quality and product technology capabilities are well recognized by automakers around the world.

We have introduced a broad product line for compact car to luxury car, and also for SUV to small truck, in order to our customer's needs. Our products are now recognized throughout the world, and we have hold the top market share among AT manufacturers.


The world's No.1 AT manufacturer

There have been calls for harmony with nature and the environment in recent years. In the future, as the world's leading AT manufacturer, Aisin AW will continue to anticipate the needs of its customers and users by utilizing cutting-edge technology and constantly meeting the challenge of making safety, comfortable, and environmentally friendly products.

Product development with the future automobile society in mind

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