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Car Navigation System

We pursue the development of a vehicle like a “stallion”, and challenge the development that will lead in our times.

Aisin AW hope to make a "car that boasts both the power and grace of stallion", that will have both an intellect and a flexible but highly-accurate drive system.

In this process, we hoped to develop navigation systems that would become part of the "brain" of automobiles to "provide safe, comfortable, and environmentally friendly driving even on the first drive, by voice guidance and vision." As a result, a research institute with seven technicians was established in the Akihabara section of Tokyo in 1985.

In 1992, the world's first innovative voice navigation system with audio guide functions was developed. The system was adopted to the Celsior, a flagship model car of Toyota Motor Company.

Landscape of map data creation at that time

Voice navigation system adopted to the Celsior

State-of-the-art products developed one after another

The "AV (Audio & Video) Integrated Navigation System," the "NAVI-MATIC," an innovative system that controls the AT gear shift based on road information from the car navigation system, and the "Incremental Map Update System" that updates the map data by delivering data on newly opened roads to the navigational system, were first-in-the-world products developed in 1997, 1998, and 2007 respectively. Our company is playing a chief role in the car navigation industry by creating various products called "car system integrators" that function by providing more than mere road assistance.

AV (Audio & Video) Integrated Navigation System


Incremental Map Update System

Navigation system-coordinated brake assist

Navigation System Compatible with 12.3-inch Display

Center of development that continues to create the top navigation systems in the world

The Navi Technical Center was built to facilitate continuous creation of next-generation technologies.

By making each floor a large, open area with an extensive view and by reducing the distance between floors, we created a communication space with a sense of inclusiveness. In addition, by facilitating collaboration between manufacturing, evaluation, and prototyping groups, we created an environment where employees can easily view actual products and facilities, enabling efficient technology development.

By creating a space for open communication, we engender creative thinking in the development of next-generation technologies.

The exterior of the Navi Technical Center.

An office area inside the Navi Technical Center.

A creative area to facilitate free thinking.

Available around the World

The efforts to achieve our dream in "developing a true navigation system that helps drivers safely reach their destinations with ease using accurate map guidance" have produced de facto standard products and led us to play a key role worldwide.

Automobile and automotive electronics manufacturers all over the world are using our products.


Worldwide Database Coverage

Car Navigation System that AW Strives For

The purposes of car navigation systems are in a transitional period because the environments surrounding automobiles, including environmental issues such as global warming and information technology in a car-dominated society, have significantly changed.

In considering these periodic changes, we will continue to pursue "a navigational system that reaches drivers safely to their destinations with ease" and that "is environmentally friendly." We will keep accepting challenges of creating products that lead the times.

Navigation System Development Roadmap that will lead in our times

From “navigation” that shows the way to “best partner” that supports drivers
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