About AW Aisin Brand page

Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary, Aisin AW Co., Ltd., will merge business operations on April 1, 2021, and establish Aisin Corporation, Ltd. Our logo and brand slogan represent our hopes and ideas, as well as our determination to realize the brand we are aiming for.



Our corporate logo symbolizes our philosophy: Inspiring “movement”, creating tomorrow.
The large, rounded top of the typeface represents unity and togetherness. The design evokes all of our AISIN Group companies working together in unity to achieve even more ambitious goals. The gently rounded lettering reflects our goals: happiness and beauty for our future earth.
The italic text and streamlined accents represent the energy and drive of our employees as they achieve their dreams and aspirations to create a brighter future.
Our corporate logo represents the company we want to be, our hopes and ideals, as well as our determination to achieve our goals.

Brand Slogan

We Touch the Future

“We” refers to the entire AISIN Group, brought together by each employee’s dreams and aspirations to create a safe and comfortable future for everyone.

“Touch” indicates our intention to always dream beauty of our future earth, and our determination to touch the future, and change it with our own hands.

Our brand slogan represents the essence of our company’s ideals and determination. We will continue to formulate new ideas and consider how we need to act in order to achieve our philosophy: Inspiring “movement”, creating tomorrow.