About AW Greeting

尾崎 和久

Delighting our customers!
All of our employees will come together as one and continue to take on this challenge.

Guided by our corporate principle of “Quality Supremacy”, Aisin AW has maintained an uncompromising dedication to the spirit of innovation and to thoroughly ensuring the quality of our products since the time of our founding. We have always been an industry leader who introduced a variety of first-in-the-world products to the market as a result of our strong commitment to delighting our customers.
Today our industry is focusing on the next era in automotive innovation and it is on the verge of changes that will occur at an unprecedented speed. The Aisin Group is seizing on this dramatic period of transformation as an opportunity to “leap even further ahead”. In order to survive in this new, unexplored areas, we have established an organizational structure that transcends the conventional boundaries of our corporate group so that we can gather together and commercialize all the world-class technologies possessed by each of our group companies.
As part of our efforts, we have merged our business operations in April 2019 with Aisin AI Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specialized in manual transmissions. Integrating the technologies of both companies, we will further enhance our competitiveness in the field of powertrains.
Furthermore, as a vital core of this corporate group, we plan to concentrate our resources on the development of advanced, next-generation technologies, such as electrification and automated driving. This development will be based on the electronic control technologies for transmissions, drive motor technologies, and map information technologies for car navigation systems that we have cultivated so far. We will accelerate the speed of our development work into the highest gear and continue to create products that will delight and impress everyone.
We want to "Develop cars that drive freely like a stallion", and to “Develop cars that excite drivers’ hearts”. We will continue to promote harmony between people, cars, and society without forgetting these cornerstone ideals of our company. All of Aisin AW will come together as one and continue to take on the challenge of providing “new inspiration to our customers” without simply accepting the current status quo.

President尾崎 和久