CSR Labor-Management

Sound labor-management relations built on discussion

Aisin AW is diligently drawing up solutions based on discussions of mutual faith and understanding to address problems between labor and management.

The Company has concluded a “labor agreement” with the Aisin Labor Union for the purpose of “maintaining and improving the prosperity of the Company and working conditions of union members through mutual trust and cooperation between the Company and the Union, thereby securing a stable labor-management relationship.”

Appropriate management of working hours

To strengthen appropriate management of working hours and comply with related laws and regulations, Aisin AW cooperates with the labor union to bolster attendance management systems and to promote communication between managers and subordinates about the status of work.

We will continue our efforts to create a better environment for the maintenance and strengthening of proper working hour management.

Lunch conferences sponsored by labor and management

Aisin AW holds semi-annual labor-management meetings in each block to discuss an important subject, which was confirmed in the Labor Management Council, and matters in workplaces for Department Head and Manager & Supervisor.