CSR Safety and Health

Occupational Health and Safety

Safety Activities

To clearly position the safety first policy, Aisin AW holds up the safety vision next to the corporate principles, which define the ideal situations that the company should strive for, and also incorporates the safety first policy into the action guidelines, which specify the employees' attitude towards their work. All employees understand the safety vision and make efforts to ensure that we have zero accidents.

Safety Vision

As a top leader helping to build a safe automotive society through transmission and information technologies, Aisin AW will remain a company that encourages every employee to put the highest priority on safety, provides a sense of fulfilment in working to its employees and a sense of security to their family members, and is trusted by customers and society alike.

  • Strong belief that any accident can be prevented
  • Leadership by managers setting an example
  • Safe behavior for protecting themselves and their colleagues through vibrant communication across the organization

Established in April 1, 2017

Toward the goal of “zero labor accidents,” we hold Safety and Health Committee meetings on a regular basis with participation of executives and managers in charge.
At the meetings, the root causes of labor accidents are investigated, safety measures are developed based thereon, and labor accidents are analyzed for each type of the STOP 6* classification, with a view to preventing labor accidents at all of our workplaces.
We also promote the on-site support approach by management members, in which they identify dangerous conditions/actions and troubles through interviews at workplaces and find measures for improvement on a “genchi genbutsu” (going to the workplace to see the actual condition) basis.
We share information on labor accidents and safety-oriented activities with our Group companies both in Japan and overseas, thereby deploying safety activities on a global scale.

* STOP 6 consists of the following six types of labor accidents that can result in serious consequences:
① Caught between moving units ② Contact with heavy objects ③ Contact with vehicles ④ Falls ⑤ Electric shock ⑥ Contact with high temperature objects

  • On-Site Support Approach by Management

  • Discussion on Safety Activities at a Safety and Health Committee Meeting

Mental health activities

To comprehensively improve mental well-being among our employees, we promote "prevention," "early detection," and "return-to-work support" activities as follows

・Activities for prevention
Workplace improvement activities through periodic discussion sessions on mental health with the Chief Officer and Plant Manager, self-care education, stress checking, staffing of consultants, line-care-listener education, and Boost-Yourself-Up activities
・Activities for early detection
Staffing of dedicated workers
・Activities for return-to-work support
Distribution of booklets (for minimizing anxiety during leaves of absence)
Stepwise return to work
  • Line-care-listener education