CSR Design and Development


As a professional manufacturer of transmissions, Aisin AW is working actively to develop and adopt fuel-efficient technologies.
We are developing products that can satisfy the increasing level of fuel efficiency regulations, and contribute to the improvements in acceleration performance and fuel efficiency.

Connected & Sharing Solutions

AISIN AW released the world's first voice navigation system with audio guide functions in 1992. Since then, we have continued developing products with pioneering functions one after another.
Utilizing the technology we have cultivated so far, and as a pioneer in the development of connected car services, we are working on the development of technologies that contribute to the well environment.

Initiatives for reducing use of environmentally harmful substances

Typical of regulations governing environmentally harmful substances that are being enacted in Japan and around the world is the European Union's End-of-Life Vehicle directive (ELV), which regulates substances (lead, mercury, cadmium, and hexavalent chromium) that have a harmful effect on the environment when vehicles are disposed.

In light of this regulatory environment, Aisin AW is pursuing initiatives to complete the transition to alternative substances as soon as possible by creating an internal "Subcommittee to Reduce Environmentally Harmful Substances in Products" and working in partnership with customers advancing global efforts to reduce environmentally harmful substances in our products (transmissions, ECUs, satellite navigation systems, etc.).

We are also working on a voluntary basis to establish alternative technologies for products that are currently unregulated.