CSR Environmental Management

Basic approach

Aisin AW has established an Environmental Policy in order to achieve "contribution to environment and society" in accordance with its management philosophy of "Quality First." All employees are involved in the company's environmental conservation program.

Environmental Policy

  • 1. Aisin AW implements an Environmental Management System that is geared to all the company's business activities, from development through to sales; it sets objectives and targets on a global basis based on this Environmental Policy; and it works to make continual improvements to its Environmental Management System through regularly reviews, as it implements the system according to plan.
  • 2. Aisin AW complies with all applicable environmental regulations enacted by national and local governments (laws and regulations, pollution control agreements, etc.) and with all other requirements to which the company commits. It also actively implements measures to prevent pollution.
  • 3. Aisin AW promotes the development of earth-friendly new products and technologies that take account of the life cycles and manufacturing activities with consideration to environmental issues.
  • 4. Aisin AW strives to make effective use of natural resources and energy, and actively implements measures to minimize use of environmentally harmful substances, make logistics efficiency improvements, and expand resource recycling.
  • 5. Aisin AW promotes environmental conservation activities.
  • 6. Aisin AW clearly documents its Environmental Policy and ensures that all employees are thoroughly conversant with its details. It also urges them to act on the letter and spirit of the policy.
  • 7. Aisin AW publishes details of its environmental conservation activities, including its Environmental Policy.

Structure and Organization

Aisin AW uses organizational action in its environmental policy management approach as a means of making that policy more concrete. Subcommittees of the Environment Committee prioritize and discuss issues with particular significance for the company's business.Aisin AW is committed to sharing information to facilitate AW Group activities and initiatives. Aisin AW formulated its Sixth Environmental Initiative Plan, which is the guideline/plan for environmental actions from fiscal 2016 to fiscal 2020.

Structure and Organization

Achievement of Environmental Program Plan Goals in FY2018

In 2018, Aisin AW formulated a fiscal year plan and pursued activities in accordance with its 2018 Environmental Program Plan. As a result, we were able to meet all targets for each objective. The following table provides more detailed information:

Category Goal Principal initiatives FY2018 target FY2018 results Amsseensts
Building a low-carbon society Helping improve vehicle fuel efficiency by pursuing high-fuel-efficiency technologies
[Action target]
  • ・Rolling out multistage and HV drive systems
  • ・Rolling out high-efficiency AT and CVTs
  • ・Developed and began mass-production of two HV drive system.
  • ・Developed and began mass-production of six high-efficiency ATs and CVTs.
Pursuing LCA assessments in partnership with customers
[Action target]
  • ・Issuing annual LCA data reports to customers
  • ・Working to develop an integrated LCA assessment system for the entire Aisin Group
  • ・Completed arrangements for reporting three AT platforms for large, medium, and compact vehicles and two CVT platforms for medium and compact vehicles.
  • ・Finished comparing and validating LCA calculation tools.
Taking a comprehensive approach to reducing CO2 in road transport through ITS-related technologies
[Action target]
  • ・Helping improve fuel efficiency by avoiding inefficient and congested routes
  • ・Reduced CO2 emissions by an average of 7% by avoiding inefficient and congested routes.
  • ・Thoroughly implementing energy-saving activities
  • ・Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
[Target defined in terms of unit revenue]
AW (non-consolidated)
  • ・Transforming production technologies
  • ・Improving volume production, installing LED lighting in plants, and applying air modules across operations
  • ・Studying renewable energy and environmental technologies
Reduced by 5.8% compared to FY2017 target. Reduced by 6% compared to FY2017 target.
Domestic and overseas Group manufacturing companies
  • ・Applying successful energy-saving measures across the organization
Reduced by 1.6% compared to FY2017 target. Seven of nine companies achieved their targets.
  • ・Pursuing transport efficiency
  • ・Reducing CO2 emissions
[Target defined in terms of unit revenue]
  • ・Consolidating routes and taking advantage of return trips to increase loading rates
  • ・Maximizing joint transport by Group companies
  • ・Introducing biomass-fueled vehicles on a trial basis
Reduced by 1% compared to the FY2017 "business as usual" value. Reduced by 1% compared to the FY2017 "business as usual" value.
Building a recycling-oriented society Designing products to facilitate more effective use of resources
[Action target]
  • ・Developing drive systems engineered for compact size and light weight
  • ・Considering resource depletion and availability in product development
  • ・Developed and began mass production of two models.
  • ・Developed products that take into account resource depletion and availability through the sharing of information.
  • ・Reducing waste
  • ・Using resources effectively
[Target defined in terms of production volume]

  • ・Reducing waste
[Target defined in terms of unit revenue]
  • ・Pursuing waste oil recycling activities
(On an emissions per vehicle basis)
Reduced by 1% compared to FY2017 target. Reduced by 1% compared to FY2017 target.
Domestic and overseas Group manufacturing companies
  • ・Building structures to reduce waste
  • ・Applying measures to reduce waste across the organization
Reduced by 1% compared to FY2017 target. All nine companies achieved their targets.
  • ・Reducing scrap volume
  • ・Reducing machine tool chips
  • ・Reducing incomplete part incineration
(On an emissions per vehicle basis)
Reduced by 1% compared to FY2017. Reduced by 8.4% compared to FY2017.
  • ・Converting to use of returnable packaging
(per unit of sales)
Reduced by 1% compared to FY2017. Reduced by 1% compared to FY2017.
Using resources effectively through remanufacturing activities
[Action target]
  • ・Promoting effective use of resources through the pursuit of the remanufacturing business in the Japanese market
  • ・Remanufactured/repaired 2,465 vehicles.
Building a society that coexists with nature
  • ・Assessing, managing, and reducing chemical substances contained in products
  • ・Developing alternative materials to comply with environmental regulations in various countries and working to switch over to those materials
Develop and switch to alternative materials.
  • ・Developed and transitioned to alternative materials.
  • ・Enhancing management of chemical substances in production and reducing environmental emissions
[Target defined in terms of hybrid unit production volume]
  • ・Reducing styrene emissions during production of hybrid units
Reduced by 33% compared to FY2017 target. Reduced by 33% compared to 2017 target.
Undertaking biodiversity initiatives as a group
[Action target]
  • ・Planning and participating as a partner in the following activities held by the Aisin Group:
  • ・Environmental symposiums and exhibitions
  • ・Eco Tour activities
  • ・Participated in the Aisin Group Eco Tour held by the Aisin Group (on August 1) with 4 families attending from AW.
  • ・Environmental protection activities in the Mikawa district:Assisted with a Yahagi River estuary tideland clean-up projectand nature-viewing event held by the Hekinan Seaside Aquarium (about 40 employees from Aisin Group companies participated).
  • ・Environmental protection activities in the Hokuriku region:Carried out activities to protect a habitat for rare species (about 40 employees from Aisin group companies participated).
Environmental management Supporting suppliers' environmental activities undertaken in accordance with the Green Procurement Guidelines
  • ・Verifying environmental management system certification status
  • ・Carrying out inspections of uncertified suppliers
  • ・Carrying out inspections of suppliers with processes that entail environmental risks such as noise, vibration, wastewater, and water pollution
  • ・Monitoring and evaluating revisions to applicable laws; pursuing improvements
  • ・Following up in a reliable manner on the transition away from environmentally harmful substances in accordance with laws and customer requests
  • ・Conducted an Environmental Management System inspection visit (all three companies passed).
  • ・Carried out environmental risk inspection visits (all seven companies passed).
Enhancing and pursuing global environmental educational activities
  • ・Participating in environmental education offered by the Aisin Group
  • ・Holding environmental seminars for workers with environmental responsibilities at AW consolidated companies
  • ・Offering assistance and education to workers with environmental responsibilities at overseas manufacturing companies
  • ・Attended environmental lectures at the Aisin Group Environmental Symposium.
  • ・Held environmental seminars for workers with environmental responsibilities at AW consolidated companies (in June and February).
  • ・Offered support and education at overseas AW Group companies for employees whose responsibilities include environmental affairs (AWNC: September; AWSZ:November).
Enhancing global environmental management (CO2, waste, water consumption)
  • ・Improving management by hosting safety and environmental liaison conferences with domestic and overseas AW Group companies
  • ・Pursuing Environmental Management System communication activities with domestic AW Group manufacturing and non-manufacturing companies
  • ・Pursuing Environmental Management System communication activities, including site reviews, with overseas AW Group manufacturing companies
  • ・Shared information about revisions to environmental regulations with domestic AW Group companies via the AW Group Consolidated Safety and Environmental Liaison Conference and implemented compliance activities (in June and February).
  • ・Rolled out CO2 reduction activities and activities to visualize reduction initiatives at AW Group manufacturing companies in Japan and overseas.
  • ・Japan: Completed EMS audits of AW Group manufacturing companies.
  • ・Overseas: Had manufacturing companies carry out a self-check targeting environmental facilities and completed a review of the results.
Pursuing community service activities related to the environment in partnership with local communities
  • ・Carrying out environmental protection activities that bring together employees, their families, and local communities at domestic facility sites and encouraging the development of healthy youth by offering the Aisin Environmental Learning Program
  • ・Promoted the sound development of young people by carrying out environmental protection activities involving employees, their families, and local residents in the communities in which the AW Group operates facilities in Japan and by offering the Aisin Environmental Learning Program.
Contributing to industry through environmental technologies and expertise
  • ・Pursuing initiatives involving innovative technologies
  • ・Received the Technological Development Award from the 41st meeting of the Japan Institute of Metals and Materials Winning presentation: Increasing strength beyond conventional steel gas carburization without adding rare metals with steel for mild carburization.
Actively providing information and communicating with local communities
  • ・Providing information through the Environment Report (spring and fall editions)
  • ・Actively communicating with local communities
    (local gatherings, water environment meetings, etc.)
  • ・Provided information through the Environment Report (published in June and November).
  • ・Actively communicated with local residents.
    • ⇒Invited neighborhood associations, local government officials, and members of local city councils to annual local meetings at each site
    • ⇒Held water environment meetings with various groups (Yahagi River Basin Land Development Alliance, Aburagafuchi Fishery Cooperative Association, etc.)(July, February).

○:Target achieve, ✕:Target not achieve

Acquisition of ISO 14001

Aisin AW has acquired ISO 14001 certification for all its business activities. As well as strengthening our environmental protection efforts by making our operations transparent, ISO 14001 has enhanced the trust of our customers.

Aisin AW acquired ISO 14001 certification for all departments on July 24, 1999, including the Head Plant, Machine & Tools Department and Prototype Department (each in Anjo City), Okazaki Plant and Okazaki East Plant (both in Okazaki City), Tahara Plant (Tahara City), Gamagori Plant (Gamagori City), Kira Manufacturing Department (Nishio City) and AWQUIS JAPAN Co., Ltd. (Okazaki City)

ISO 14001 Certificate of Registration

ISO 14001 Certificate of Registration

Environmental Education and Training

We believe that human resources are the most important factor in the success of environmental protection activities. To promote environmental protection effectively, it's vital that each and every one of our employees are made aware of environmental problems and that they work together with a clear understanding of their own roles in solving them. In view of this, Aisin AW runs continuous environmental education and training programs, in order to utilize the various skills of our employees to produce concrete results.

Environmental Education System

Aimed at: Main details
New employees Fundamentals of environmental protection
Environmental policies of Aisin AW
Importance of observing rules
Newly appointed
management supervisors
Environmenta problems
Environmental management procedures
Roles and responsibilities
Workers in
environment-related facilities
Operation and checking
Dealing with abnormalities and emergencies

Workers in environment-related facilities:
Workers who are either directly involved in activities that impact on the environment or who work in acilities that have an impact on it.

Environmental Accounting

Environmental accounting seeks to provide an understanding of environmental conservation costs, which represent outlays targeted at reducing the environmental burdens arising from business activities, and the environmental conservations benefits (material benefits and economic benefits) obtained as a result of those activities. The discipline serves as a means of evaluating the extent to which a given organization is engaged in environmental conservation.

Environmental conservation costs for FY2018 totaled ¥13.3 billion.
These costs are equivalent to approximately 1% of the company's annual revenue.
Environmental conservation benefits (economic benefits) totaled ¥2.2 billion.

In addition to continuing its aggressive information disclosure policy, Aisin AW is committed to streamlining its environmental conservation programs by upgrading management tools to better reflect the unique requirements of environmental management. The company also plans to aggressively introduce consolidated environmental accounting for targeted group companies.