CSR Compliance

Aisin AW declares thoroughly implementing its compliance in the "Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior."

Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior

Basic approach

The establishment of a compliance system requires continuous efforts. Our company is making efforts to set up this "system" by using the "Structure" of Business Ethics Committee and pursuing "human resources development" for increasing compliance awareness as two pillars.


Aisin AW is carrying out compliance activities based on the action plan formulated under the policy of the Aisin Group Consolidated Business Ethics Committee.

In addition, to penetrate and establish compliance at all departments and AW Group companies, Aisin AW appointed one or more Compliance Manager as compliance promoter at each department and AW Group company. Furthermore, we try to improve compliance in AW Group by regularly sharing information and issue among Compliance Promoters of AW Group companies.

Consultation and Notification Contact Points

For early detection and to solve compliance issues, Aisin AW has set up a "Compliance Hotline" both inside the corporation (in the Corporate Planning Department) and out (at a law firm) for consultations and notifications concerning compliance matters from employees, their family members, and partner companies.

Regarding notifications and consultations gathered from the hotline, to protect those contacting the hotline for help, Aisin AW stipulates in its regulations that all names and content remain confidential. The company also provides training and educational activities to ensure that those notifying or consulting the hotline are treated fairly, which includes preventing layoffs, salary reductions, or demotions due to their notification or consultation.

Ensuring Full Awareness on the Part of Employees

To make laws and regulations known to every employee and raise employees’ compliance awareness, Aisin AW periodically provides training concerning the Antimonopoly Act, Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. security export management, and other subjects, in addition to compliance-related education as part of employees’ career-based training.

Furthermore, Aisin AW designates every October as "Aisin Group Compliance Campaign Month" to actively raise awareness of compliance among all employees working for our group companies.

Surveys regarding compliance awareness were started in 2010 to conduct research on the extent of permeation of compliance activities and the levels of potential law/regulation violation.

Training on compliance