CSR Risk Management

Basic approach

Aisin AW aims at creating a strong corporation against crisis by placing human life as the number one priority in dealing with various risks that could have a significant impact on our business management, in minimizing damages, and in prompt recovery.

We also make every effort to improve our risk management system and risk handling abilities in cooperation with AW Group companies.


Aisin AW has a Company-wide Earthquake & Disaster Prevention Meeting, Central Safety and Health Committee, etc. chaired by the President and Executive Vice President. Their members comprise directors, in-house officers, and in-house audit & supervisory board members. Under these solid systems, the entire Aisin AW strives to prevent unfavorable situations from being created and to enhance its capability to deal with such situations.

Ensuring Full Awareness on the Part of Employees

At Aisin AW, action plans based on risk occurrences are standardized, and through large-scale earthquake and fire training, we ensure full awareness of our employees, evaluate the plans validity, and strive to implement effective action plans.

Risk Preparation

At Aisin AW, to prepare for emergencies like a large-scale earthquake or an influenza pandemic with a new strain of influenza virus, which poses a high risk in the postponement of projects, we pursue measures and business continuity plans that consider our corporate social responsibility and the impact on the regions while emphasizing our number one priority of respect for human life.