CSR Disclosure of information/Communication

Information Security

Basic approach

In order to prevent confidential or personal information from being disclosed not only for our company but also for our customers and supplier, Aisin AW establishes various regulations (including regulations such as the Confidential Information Control Regulation and Private Information Protection Regulation) and complies with the laws/regulations and societal norms.


Aisin AW has the Confidential Information Control Promotion Committee, which is chaired by the executive officer responsible for general affairs and whose members comprise representatives of divisions. We take actions in establishing information security rules and in ensuring that the rules are observed by all staff members throughout the company on the Committee’s initiative.

Aisin AW is also active in protecting confidential and personal information from leakage by assigning confidential information control managers and control promoters to individual departments.

Ensuring Full Awareness on the Part of Employees

Aisin AW strives to thoroughly educate our employees by emphasizing risk prediction (Kiken-Yochi: KY) activities in security matters, security workplace inspection activities and indicating the rules on information security issues in basic educational texts.

Frameworks for Preventing Information Leaks

Security levels are determined for each area within the company's facilities depending on the degree of importance of the information. Management of people's entries and exits and facility management are performed according to the degree of importance.

In order to prepare for information disclosure risks due to the diffusion and increased usage of information tools, "IT Security Guidelines" have been established to describe the process of protecting Aisin AW's information and information systems.

For instance, in order to prevent information disclosure due to a lost or stolen computer, approval is necessary to take computers outside the company. In addition, strict management is performed in IT-related matters by installing security software to prevent information from being disclosed when computers are lost or stolen.

Information Disclosure

Basic approach

Aisin AW appropriately and properly discloses information that is publicly required such as general corporate business matters, financial stability, business performance, and business activities.

Preventing Insider Trading

In order to prevent insider trading, a signed pledge concerning stock transactions and information management is obtained from directors and employees who handle or are involved in handling confidential information.

In addition, education and training related to insider trading regulation matters is consistently conducted to stress a deeper understanding of the subject.