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Corporations or individuals desiring to incorporate a link to the website on their own websites are asked to contact Aisin AW using this email form, making sure to include their own website's URL (the page that will contain the link) in the form. As a rule Aisin AW asks that links target the website's index page (https://www.aisin-aw.co.jp/en/) . Individuals or corporations wishing to include a link to a page other than the index page should include the address of the desired page (the link destination) in the form.

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The following link icons are available for use:

Aisin AW may prohibit links from sites meeting the following criteria, or links that may reasonably be so construed. When a link is initially approved by Aisin AW but due to changes in page content comes to meet these criteria, the responsible individual or corporation may be asked to remove that link.

  • ・Any site containing content that violates public standards of decency.
  • ・Any site that libels or otherwise seeks to disparage the reputations of Aisin AW, its affiliates or subsidiaries, or the employees or directors thereof.
  • ・Any site promoting or inviting the misunderstanding that the operator is an affiliate or subsidiary of Aisin AW, or that the operator is a party to a partnership or collaborative relationship with Aisin AW or its affiliates or subsidiaries.
  • ・Any site judged by Aisin AW at its own discretion to be inappropriate.


Aisin AW exercises great care when posting information to the website. However, Aisin AW makes no guarantee regarding the accuracy, utility, reliability, suitability for a given purpose, or safety (guarantee of uninterrupted service, etc.) of this information. Further, Aisin AW is not responsible for mistakes or errors in the information published on the website.
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Governing Law and Court Jurisdiction

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Answer to Customer Inquiries

Our company answers inquiries from customers received through this website by email or in other ways. However, please understand that we may not be able to reply or it may take a few days to respond, depending on the nature of the inquiry. In addition, replies from our company are sent to customers only with the intention of answering their inquiries, and no part of the answers may be reproduced, changed, or reprinted.

We send our replies with the utmost care and attention, and the above disclaimer will be applied to the contents of our answers.

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