This website's approach to protecting the personal information

This website's approach to protecting the personal information

Aisin AW Co, Ltd. ("Aisin AW") takes the protection of personal information submitted by users to its website extremely seriously. This page describes how Aisin AW collects, uses, and protects user information through its website (, which is operated and administered by Aisin AW and its representatives.

Personal Information Submitted by Site Users

When accepting questions from users on the website, Aisin AW collects personal information so that it may answer those inquiries, including the user's name, address, telephone number, and email address. On occasion, users may be asked for other information, but in such instances the requested information is divided into required and optional fields. The submission of optional fields is on a strictly voluntary basis.

IP Addresses and Cookies

Aisin AW collects the IP addresses of users' computers for use in the administration of the website. The IP addresses collected by Aisin AW through the website are used only to ensure that services offered through the website can be administered and operated in an appropriate and safe manner. IP addresses are never used or released in association with personal information that could be used to identify particular individuals.

Aisin AW employs cookies to provide a more advanced level of service to site users. Cookies are designed to make site content available in a more convenient manner for returning users, and they neither infringe on the privacy of site users nor harm the computers on which they are stored. Users can configure their browsers to refuse all cookies or to display a message notifying them when cookies are received.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Aisin AW uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to ensure the security of personal information sent via the website. By using an SSL-compliant browser, site users can rest assured that their personal information will be automatically encrypted so that it can be sent and received safely and securely.

How Information is Used

ach page requesting the submission of personal information includes a notice explaining the purpose(s) for which Aisin AW intends to use that information. Personal information provided by site users is never used for purposes other than those expressly noted.

Disclosure to Third Parties and Secondary Use

Some services offered on the website require that personal information provided by users be disclosed to one or more third parties. Each time users take advantage of such services, they are notified that their information will be furnished to a third party and are asked to indicate their approval.

With the exception of the instances described above, Aisin AW does not disclose personal information about site users to third parties without having first obtained their consent.

However, Aisin AW may make personal information about site users available without prior approval when human life or civil rights are at stake and emergency action is required, when cooperating with a request made by an official body such as a court or police department in accordance with applicable laws, and when acting in accordance with other legal requirements.

Management of Personal Information

Aisin AW maintains rigorous data management procedures to ensure that personal information submitted by users accessing the website is not lost or damaged. Information is stored in an environment where it can only be accessed by website administrators and is subject to intensive security measures designed to prevent disclosure to third parties and alteration by outside sources.

When outsourcing work related to the operation of the website or associated with the use and management of personal information about site users, Aisin AW subjects contractor handling of personal information to strict oversight and management.

Aisin AW may review and revise the privacy policies described on this page at its discretion. All policy changes are noted on this page.