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Apr. 01, 2015

AW Establishes Smartphone Site

To enhance the user convenience and user operability of smartphones, which have rapidly become widespread, AW has established a smartphone site. The smartphone site can be accessed from a smartphone at via a smartphone browser. AW will continue to improve its website so that the site will become more user-friendly.


Recommended operating conditions

Most recent Mobile Safari on iOS 8.1 or higher
Most recent Android browser on Android OS 4.2.2 or higher


Available pages

・Top page
・Menu pages of categories (News & Topics, About AW, Products, Technology Development and CSR)


・ Even when accessed with a smartphone, PC pages may be displayed and thus may not be displayed accurately or not displayed at all.
・ PC pages can be accessed from a tablet; however, they may not be accurately displayed or not displayed at all.
・ Operations and/or display may not function perfectly depending on the combination of browser and OS, security software and communication conditions.