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Jan. 06, 2016

AW Receives Awards in the "Best Partner" and "VA/VE Proposals" Categories in 2015 from Suzuki

At Suzuki's New Year's celebration, held on January 6, AW received awards in both the "Best Partner" and "VA/VE Proposals" categories for the third consecutive year in recognition of its contribution to Suzuki.
Out of approximately 700 suppliers around the world, the "Best Partner" award is given to the top 30 suppliers for their contributions in the fields of quality, delivery and cost reduction, and the "VA/VE Proposals" award is given to the top 50 suppliers that have made more VA/VE proposals and more effective proposals in terms of cost reduction.
AW received the "Best Partner" award for the 4th time and the "VA/VE Proposals" award for the 9th time.