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Sep. 23, 2016

Establishment of Electronics Division toward Reinforcement of Electronic Engineering Activities and Management Change

To adapt to environmental changes, Aisin AW Co., Ltd. will reorganize its electronic engineering activities to establish the Electronics Division as of October 1.
Electronic engineering-related departments in the automatic transmission (AT) business and electronic engineering- and production-related departments in the VIT business* will be consolidated into the Electronics Division, which will start off with approximately 1,200 staff.
* Vehicle Information Technology business



1. Objectives of establishment of the Electronics Division


(1) Each of the departments for developing ATs, which are AW's key products, and the departments for developing car navigation systems and other VIT-related products has independently performed its own computer design and software development. The reorganization enables the concentration of technologies and expertise that have been accumulated independently in each department, thereby further enhancing efficiency and forming the basis for the next-generation mobility society, such as IoT and autonomous driving technologies.

(2) By consolidating the ECU production departments, which currently belong to the Vehicle Information Technology Division, into the new division to centralize control from design to production activities relating to electronic engineering, AW will further respond to market needs. The reorganization will also help shorten the development time for next-generation products.

Aiming to help create the mobility society that lies in the future, AW will continue to pursue state-of-the-art technologies to deliver pioneering products.

2. Organization after reorganization and management change


(1) Organization after reorganization


(2) Management change

Change in areas of responsibility of officers (Changes are indicated in boldface.) 



  After change Before change

Executive Vice President

Kozo Yamaguchi

Responsible for AT business; Marketing & Sales, Engineering, Quality and Manufacturing Engineering Divisions; Vehicle Information Technology Division; and Electronics Division Responsible for AT business; Marketing & Sales, Engineering, Quality and Manufacturing Engineering Divisions; and Vehicle Information Technology Division
Kunihiro Yamada
CO: Electronics Division

DCO: Vehicle Information Technology Division