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Dec. 14, 2017

Aisin Group to Debut at CES 2018

Aisin Group booth (conceptual view)
Aisin Group booth (conceptual view)

Two of Aisin Group companies, Aisin AW and Aisin Seiki, will jointly exhibit for the first time at CES* 2018, held from Tuesday, January 9th to Friday, January 12th, 2018 at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center in Las Vegas, U.S.


The Aisin Group is working on three Development Areas of Focus: Zero Emission, Automated Driving, and Connected Cars, and at this exhibition, will introduce technologies and products in development especially on Connected Cars through hands-on exhibits.


In a car navigation system-linked pneumatic driving simulator that combines an air-pressure-adjustable pneumatic seat for occupant support with location-based information technologies, which the Aisin Group has cultivated through its development of car navigation systems, visitors can experience three functions: Smart Seat Bolster, Smart Relaxation Seat, and Traffic Information Seat.


Smart Seat Bolster is a function for stabilizing the occupant’s posture when subjected to lateral force on curves by adjusting the seat to support the occupant in advance based on information on the upcoming curve obtained from location-based information. Smart Relaxation Seat allows the seat, by obtaining information on nearby roads, to anticipate the best times for the driver to use its massage function, for example, when the driver is not under stress from driving, such as while in automated driving mode or stopped in traffic. Traffic Information Seat helps the driver smoothly drive by obtaining real-time traffic information on the vehicle’s course, and when necessary, indicating directly to the driver’s body through the seat and on the display any traffic jams or other events that could interrupt vehicle passage.


Also, the ILY-Ai, a personal mobility vehicle, will be demonstrated.


The Aisin Group will continue its engineering development with an eye toward the new era of mobility vehicles that meet future expectations of both people and mobility.


* CES = Consumer Electronics Show