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May. 16, 2018

Aisin Group to Exhibit at Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama

Aisin Group booth (conceptual view)

The Aisin Group* companies including Aisin AW Co., Ltd. will exhibit at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2018 Yokohama to be held at PACIFICO Yokohama (Nishi-ku, Yokohama City) from Wednesday, May 23 to Friday, May 25.

This year, the Group will present products and technologies that will contribute to the realization of Zero Emissions, Automated Driving, and Connected Cars, the three development areas of fucus in which the Aisin Group has been devoting focused efforts in order to tackle structural changes emerging throughout the automotive industry.

Aisin AW will exhibit the 1-Motor FWD Hybrid Transmission, newly developed based on the transmission and motor technologies it has fostered to date, for the Zero Emissions section to demonstrate its response to vehicle electrification, and its world-first 10-Speed RWD Automatic Transmission.

Exhibits by the entire Aisin Group will include the eAxle, a high-power, compact electric 4WD unit that can be used in PHVs and EVs, as well as an image recognition system and systems for chassis and brake products. These are necessary in order to realize the technologies the Group is currently developing in the Automated Driving area, such as Integrated Vehicle Dynamics Control and Automated Valet Parking. In the Connected Cars area, the Group will exhibit a simulator of the Car Navigation System-Linked Pneumatic Seat, which was developed by combining a pneumatic seat equipped with a support adjustment function using air pressure and the location-based service technologies cultivated through the development of navigation systems.

Panels for three technical papers—“Verification of how blow-by gases leak into oil,” “A study of brake disk basic design to improve cooling properties,” and “Development of a piston skirt low friction technology using a cross-hatch shape”—will also be displayed.

The Aisin Group will continue its Group-wide research and development in order to offer new products and technologies that satisfy users’ expectations and help enrich their lives.

*14 Core Companies of the Aisin Group: Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd., Aisin Takaoka Co., Ltd., Aisin Chemical Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Co., Ltd., Aisin Keikinzoku Co., Ltd., Aisin Development Co., Ltd., Aisin Kiko Co., Ltd., Aisin AI Co., Ltd., Aisin Sin'ei Co., Ltd., Aisin AW Industries Co., Ltd., Hosei Brake Industry Co., Ltd., ADVICS Co., Ltd., Shiroki Corporation, Art Metal Mfg. Co., Ltd. (exhibiting companies are in boldface type and underlined)