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Dec. 06, 2018

Car Navigation System Supporting the “Smart Eco-Drive Support” Function Developed and Adopted for the Lexus UX

Aisin AW has jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corporation a state-of-the-art car navigation system that works in coordination with the “smart eco-drive support” function, with the system installed in the Toyota LEXUS UX. 

This function enables the car navigation system to obtain information on upcoming roadways and the hybrid system to optimize charging and discharging of the hybrid battery based on such information, thereby increasing the hybrid vehicle’s actual fuel economy.

This allows efficient operation to achieve high environmental performance even if the driver does not consciously drive eco-friendly.

Specifically, when there is a downhill ahead, which is expected to enable charging of the car while running, the car starts EV travel before reaching the downhill so as to enable efficient charging on the downhill. Or when traffic congestion is expected ahead where the remaining battery charge may be used up, the car starts charging before reaching the congestion so as to reduce the frequency of forced charging while being caught in traffic. Such control will help improve practical fuel efficiency. 

Aisin AW will continue to advance the development of technology with a view to helping make even more environment-friendly cars.