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Sep. 18, 2019

Decision on New Plant in Cibolo, Texas

Aisin AW Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “AW”) decide to locate a new production base in the U.S., which was announced in April 2019, in the City of Cibolo, Texas.

AW, based in Anjo City, Aichi was founded and started business in 1969. Ever since then, it has developed as a leading manufacturer of transmissions adopted by car manufacturers around the world.
The Aisin Group’s auto parts business in the U.S. began with Aisin U.S.A. Mfg., Inc. founded in the state of Indiana in 1988, and has expanded to operate 32 companies, creating jobs for around 12,600 people, with sales reaching approximately 574 billion yen today.

At the new production site in the City of Cibolo, Texas, AW established AW Texas, Inc. (hereinafter, “AW Texas”.) AW Texas will start production of automatic transmissions.
In line with the new plant construction, capital investments up to $400 million and new employment of approximately 900 people are planned in five years up to 2023.
We are advancing the preparations toward the commencement of production in September 2021.

“The Lone Star State continues to build on its reputation as a manufacturing powerhouse thanks to investments from innovative companies like Toyota and Aisin AW," said Governor Greg Abbott. "Their combined new investment of nearly $800 million in the San Antonio area is a testament to Texas' unrivaled workforce and commitment to creating an environment where businesses can thrive free from the heavy hand of government regulation and over-taxation. I am grateful to Toyota and Aisin AW for bringing more jobs to the Lone Star State and I look forward to growing our already strong partnership.”

“This project means more than the great jobs it will bring. Welcoming Aisin AW improves business conditions for the whole region’s manufacturing sector. I am so proud of our regional team: The City of Cibolo, Guadalupe County, GVEC, The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation, and the State of Texas worked together to bring this game-changing, global project home to South Central Texas. We look forward to long and fruitful relationship with the company.” said Robert T. Herrera, City Manager of Cibolo.

AW Texas will be the third transmission plant of the Aisin Group. The Group’s first plant in the U.S. is located in the state of North Carolina. (AW North Carolina, Inc. founded in 1998)

We are grateful to the local Cibolo municipal government and Economic Development Corporation for their great cooperation for our launch of business in Texas, and to other local related parties for their warm welcome. We are determined to establish long and fruitful business relationship with this city of Cibolo, Texas and will strive to make a local, beloved company.

The State of Texas has many car manufacturers and auto parts manufactures, creating car-related jobs for approximately 43,000 people.
AW will contribute to the further development of this rapidly growing auto industry in Texas.

Additionally, in line with its launch of business in Texas, AW has newly established AW North America, Inc. as the managing company of its production plants in the U.S., AW Texas, Inc. and AW North Carolina, Inc.

Outlines of the companies are as follows:

AW Texas, Inc.

Company name AW TEXAS, INC.
Location City of Cibolo, Texas
Established May 30, 2019
Capital USD 10 million
Ownership 100% by AW North America
Representative President Satoru Kasuya (now Managing Officer of AW)
Site area 159 acres (approx. 643,000 m2)
Business description Production and sale of transmissions
Production items Automatic transmissions
Hybrid transmissions
Production capacity Approx. 200,000 units/year
Production start September 2021 scheduled
Number of employees Approx. 900 (as of the end of 2023)


AW North America, Inc.

Location  City of Durham, North Carolina
(Inside the AW North Carolina Office)
Established May 28, 2019
Capital USD 10 million
Ownership Aisin AW (100%)
Representative President Susumu Kasai
(Also as President of AW North Carolina)
Business description Managing US production companies


Reference: Outline of AW North Carolina, Inc.

Location   City of Durham, North Carolina
Established November 3, 1998
Capital USD 75 million
Ownership 100% by Aisin AW
Representative President Susumu Kasai
(Also as President of AW North America)
Site area 123 acres (approx. 497,000 m2)
Business description Production and sale of transmissions
Production items Automatic transmissions
Production capacity Approx. 500,000 units/year
Number of employees Approx. 1,660 (as of March 31, 2019)