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Jan. 08, 2021

AISIN Group to Exhibit at CES2021

AISIN Group, including Aisin AW Co., Ltd. will exhibit at CES2021, to be held at online from Monday, January 11 to Thursday, January 14, 2021.

On display we will be introducing the technologies and services based on navigation system and connected technology we developed. Among all the exhibits, “pendulum acceleration reduction system” will be unveiled at CES.  This ensures stable transportation of a load by reducing the impact of acceleration and floor inclination on the load.      
 A "location based services platform," which offers services using various data dealt with by a variety of automotive parts of the Aisin Group, “rhythm platform,” based on data collected by “location based services platform” promoting natural behavior change in consideration of destination details and passenger psychology, “in-cabin monitoring system,” ensuring passengers safety and security using various passenger recognition functions and remote monitoring technologies, will also be exhibited. 

Furthermore, development and investment activities of new products and new businesses in collaboration with startup-related companies will be introduced.