In addition to understand our company's basic approach to procurement,
we solicit procurement-related proposals from our current suppliers and invite various new suppliers to work with us.

Basic approach to procurement

Best procurement

Seek to be the world's No.1 in quality, cost, and on-time delivery

Basic approach to procurement

Open, fair and equitable transactions
  • ・With regard to procurement of product parts, raw materials, production equipment, etc., the company is actively pursuing a supplier program openly and fairly that seeks suppliers to transact, regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas.
  • ・We select suppliers by applying a comprehensive set of criteria that includes quality, technology, cost, and on-time delivery as well as the supplier's viewpoint in tackling continuous improvement activities.
Mutual growth through mutual trust
  • ・On the basis of the concept of coexistence and co-prosperity with our suppliers, the company believes in promoting mutual trust and growth by engaging in various initiatives founded on close, two-way communication.
With the goal of being a good corporate citizen, we promote local procurement
  • ・As the company seeks to globally expand its corporate activities, we are actively engaged in local production and local procurement. In such ways, we aim to contribute to regional societies and be a good corporate citizen.
Promote to build quality
  • ・With "Quality Supremacy" as our corporate principle, we are working to establish a quality assurance system on which our customers can rely.
  • ・The company looks at all processes of our suppliers, and promotes continuous improvement initiatives that focus on building quality during the production processes.
Promotion of cost reduction initiatives
  • ・We are actively working to improve product strength and promote cost reduction initiatives by cooperating closely with our suppliers in order to develop new materials and methods, introduce VE/VA, and improve processes by thoroughly eliminating waste.
Promoting flexible production system to deal with fluctuating demand
  • ・In order to provide our customers a continuous supply of products and respond to sudden fluctuations in demand, we make every effort to ensure on-time delivery and to create a stable and flexible supply system through close communication with our suppliers.
In-depth accident and disaster risk management
  • ・The company emphasizes top priority on safety through implementation of Safety First principles, and promotes risk management related to accidents and disasters.
  • ・Including the production bases of our suppliers, we support the strengthening of disaster prevention systems against earthquakes, fires, etc., and initial reaction and recovery systems.
Complete legal compliance and maintenance of confidentiality
  • ・In our procurement activities, we strictly comply with all related laws and regulations. We also take great care in handling confidential information received from our suppliers.