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Direct, smooth, and powerful acceleration with quiet operation.
High fuel efficiency and eco-friendly vehicles.

Aisin AW has achieved advances in shifting mechanisms from 4 to 5-speed, and from 5 to 6-speed to achieve cars that provide greater dynamic and environmental performance.
We did not simply increase the number of shift speeds. We also thoroughly reviewed the internal structures while incorporating the latest control and production technologies so that our ATs are compact, lightweight, and can be installed on a wide variety of different vehicles.

High Torque Capacity RWD
10-Speed Automatic Transmission


We extensively pursued alluring driving performance worthy of a premium RWD vehicle to obtain rhythmic shifting with an intense direct feel while driving.


“We want to create the ultimate AT, suitable for luxury vehicles.”
Our aim is to develop products that are the best in the world in all fields, from fuel efficiency and acceleration performance, to the quietness of operation. This is how, in 2006, we developed the first RWD 8-speed AT in the world. In 2017, we followed this up with the development of the first passenger vehicle RWD 10-speed AT.*
* As of January 2017, according to our own investigations.

  • ・The use of cross gear steps achieves rhythmic and smooth shifting
  • ・Lighter component parts combined with higher hydraulic response and accuracy help to provide a direct feeling of instantaneous response when the driver accelerates
  • ・The expanded lock-up range by the development of a high-performance small torque converter, in conjunction with higher transmission efficiency, resulted in improved fuel efficiency

Applicable Vehicles:
LS500, LC500 (LEXUS)

Attaining pleasant driving worthy of a premium RWD vehicle

Excellent responsiveness to the driver's acceleration is achieved by weight saving for components, improved hydraulic response, and accuracy.
The lock-up range is significantly expanded by developing a high performance small torque converter, and transmission efficiency is increased which resulted in fuel economy improvement.


The use of cross gear steps achieves rhythmic and smooth shifting

Cross gear steps and the world’s fastest shift change allow for rhythmic and smooth driving.

Gear Ratio Widths

Response Time

Fuel Economy


High Torque Capacity FWD
8-Speed Automatic Transmission


Lightweight and compact FWD 8-speed AT delivers high fuel efficiency and improved engine performance.


“We want to build a compact FWD AT suitable for luxury vehicles, and to set the standard for the next-generation.”
We developed the first FWD 8-speed AT in 2012 aiming to balance fuel efficiency and acceleration performance, with the compact size equivalent to a 6-speed AT.
In 2016, we developed a new FWD 8-speed AT which achieves greater fuel efficiency and a direct driving feel.

  • ・Substantially reduced torque loss significantly improves fuel efficiency, and the expanded lock-up range offers driving with a direct feel
  • ・Revising the geartrain structure and materials, and optimizing the shape, led to a lighter and more compact AT

Applicable Vehicles:
Sienna, Highlander (Toyota)


Achieves both improved fuel efficiency and dynamic performance

Adopting an 8-speed AT allows for a wider gear spread with cross gear ratios than existing transmissions, resulting in better fuel efficiency and dynamic performance.

Gear Ratio Widths

Response Time

Fuel Economy


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