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We have developed a succession of top class CVTs that contribute to better fuel efficiency in compact vehicles.

To address the increasingly strict needs for high fuel efficiency in compact vehicles, Aisin AW has developed one CVT after another that incorporates various fuel-saving technologies.
In addition, the CVT belt which is the key component in CVT is produced within the AW group.

Medium Torque Capacity CVT


Achieved both excellent fuel efficiency and more direct and powerful driving feel


“Aiming to achieve the highest fuel efficiency.”
We have developed various fuel-saving
technologies in our pursuit of
eco-friendly vehicles.
This CVT achieved the highest
fuel efficiency in its class.

  • ・Realized outstanding fuel efficiency, 6% better than the current CVT, with direct and powerful driving performance, and top-class gear ratio range by adopting starting gear for CVT for the first time ever in the world
  • ・The CVT belt is narrowed and the diameter of the pulley is reduced, increasing the shift speed by 20% for a smooth shift and powerful rhythmic driving performance

Applicable Vehicles:
Corolla Sport , C-HR(Toyota) , UX(LEXUS)


background background

CVT which achieved both improved fuel economy and powerful driving performance

Revolutionarily improved fuel economy and powerful driving performance are achieved by adopting a launch gear (world's first in CVT) to enhance efficiency and expand the gear ratio.



Fuel Economy (US Comb)

Fuel Economy (US Comb)

Fuel Economy (US Comb)


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