Technology and Products Major Product Information: CVT

We have developed a succession of top class CVTs that contribute to better fuel efficiency in compact vehicles.

To address the increasingly strict needs for high fuel efficiency in compact vehicles, Aisin AW has developed one CVT after another that incorporates various fuel-saving technologies.
In addition, the CVT belt which is the key component in CVT is produced within the AW group.

Medium Torque Capacity CVT


New CVT that achieves the highest fuel efficiency in its class.


“Aiming to achieve the highest fuel efficiency.”
We have developed various fuel-saving
technologies in our pursuit of
eco-friendly vehicles.
This CVT achieved the highest
fuel efficiency in its class.
* As of January 2017, according to our own investigations.

  • ・Lower fuel consumption, improved efficiency, and reduced costs provide best CVT unit to the 1.5 L to 1.8 L class
  • ・New valve body, new oil pump, and new CVT fluid, contribute to improve overall fuel economy

Applicable Vehicles:
Corolla Axio, Corolla Fielder, Porte, Spade, and Auris (Toyota), and more

Use of various newly adopted technologies for improving fuel efficiency

Adopting a newly developed oil pump provided optimal settings for hydraulic fluid while driving, thus reducing torque loss to achieve high efficiency.
At the same time, the use of a newly developed valve body and torque converter enabled more precise control compared to conventional products, which contributed to enhanced fuel efficiency.
Furthermore, friction reduction technologies, including wider gear ratios and a new CVT fluid, were employed to obtain better vehicle fuel efficiency.


Fuel Economy (JC08 mode)


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