Technology and Products Product Lineup

A broad product lineup that can be installed in numerous different vehicles.

Since developing the RWD 3-speed AT in 1972, we have developed and commercialized powertrain products that were ahead of their time.
In addition to AT and MT, we have begun development of environmentally friendly products such as CVTs and hybrid transmissions.
Furthermore, we have been developing and commercializing EV products as a next-generation domain from an early stage. We are continuously working on cutting-edge technology development toward the electrification era.
By accumulating these technologies and experiences, we have enabled our products to fit various vehicles, from compact cars to light-duty trucks, and our products have been adopted by automakers around the world.


eAxle Offset Design (150kW)

  • ・EV unit which powers electric vehicles
  • ・High-efficiency 3-axis gear train and optimization of motor realize compact and light weight and high efficiency, and can be mounted on both front and rear sides of vehicle

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