Technology and Products Centers for Development

Center of development for continuously creating next-generation technologies

Aisin AW inaugurated a Technical Center in March 2011 to boost the development of next-generation technologies.

A place where Aisin AW's DNA is naturally propagated

The Technical Center integrates the previously separate engineering and manufacturing divisions. The objective is to strengthen technology development capabilities by assimilating everything from product planning to pre-production.

By connecting the East and West office wings, which are at different heights, with a ramp, we created a three-dimensional, open layout. The layout is intended to foster seamless collaboration between divisions. Furthermore, a middle floor surrounding the ramp facilitates various casual, unplanned communications among employees as they walk across the ramp.

Along with the continuous development of new products, the Technical Center was created to develop an invigorating environment that promotes the growth of employees. The Technical Center is a place where Aisin AW's DNA is naturally propagated.

Overview of the Technology Center

The entrance acts as the face of the Technical Center. Visitors are welcomed through an adjoining courtyard illuminated with sunlight and lush foliage.

The ramp connecting the East and West wings enables interactions that transcend the distinctions that might normally exist between divisions, without employees feeling that they have left their own floor.

The office area has an open floor plan with an extensive view of the whole floor, a layout designed to facilitate communication and make it easier to start a discussion.

Many employees converge at Cafeteria 4, with its abundant menu options served cafeteria style. Cafeteria 5 also serves as a location for quick meetings and breaks apart from meals.